I’ll keep a list of the books that I am reading monthly (or bi-weekly, depending) here.  I buy all of my monthly comics exclusively at Atomic Empire in Durham, NC.  Check them out if you have a chance.  Their store is really great (and their online store is perfect for folks that are not in NC).  They have tons of comics, games, and all sorts of weird fun stuff.  And if you come to Durham they even have a bar!

Currently I am reading 11 titles:

Adventure TimeKaBOOM! Studios

The Amazing Spider-ManMarvel Comics

BatmanDC Comics

Black ScienceImage Comics

Dark Knight III: The Master Race DC Comics

Darth VaderMarvel Comics

Extraordinary X-MenMarvel Comics

Detective ComicsDC Comics

Hellboy in Hell Dark Horse Comics

Rick and MortyOni Press

Star WarsMarvel Comics



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