Alright, I admit it.  I’m a terrible, no-good, God-awful blogger.  I manage to crank out between one and three posts every eighteen months or so.  And I always come back with some lame apology and plan to do better and then stop blogging again.  I think part of the reason I’ve been bad at blogging is that I went too specific.  I still want to talk about Jews and comics, and I probably will…a lot.  But I also want freedom to roam and ramble and talk about any and everything!  So, I am pleased to announce the re-bloggening of this blog!  I’ve renamed it The Amazing Spider-Dan’s Comic Book Blog and will talk about whatever I damn well please.  And what I want to talk about is comic books.

Welcome back.  I’m sorry to have stayed away for so long.  I hope to be able to keep this up with some (semi) regularity.




Hi There

February 26, 2011

Howdy, my name is Daniel and this is my blog.  It is about one of my favorite things: comic books.  But it isn’t just about comic books…no, it is also about Jews.  Jews and comic books.  At first glance you might be saying “What on earth do those two things have in common?”  Well that is why I am here, to share what I have learned (and am constantly learning) about how the comic book industry and the comic book art form have been pioneered, shaped, and lead by Jews.  What’s more is that in pioneering, shaping, and leading, many comic books have been infused with a long history of Jewish stories, themes, and imagery.  It is my utmost hope that I can inform and entertain you, the reader, with my witty banter, stimulating research, and sound arguments to show the ways in which the comic book is as Jewish as it is American.  In the immortal words of Stan Lee:  ‘Nuff said!