Howdy, my name is Daniel and this is my blog.

Here’s a little bit about me.  I’m a graduate of at the University of Rochester (class of 2012) in Rochester, NY.  I have a degree in Religion with a minor in Judaic Studies.  I worked for almost two years at my favorite comic store on earth, Park Avenue Comics & Games (now defunct).  I enjoy many things including, but not limited to: pie, dogs, synthesizers, cheese, guitars, art, ukuleles, sleeping, cooking, video games, and motown.  Oh!  And comic books…I LOVE comic books.  Which brings us to this blog…

Here’s a little bit about this blog.  When I began this blog it was an outlet for my undergraduate research about Jews and comic books.  I intended to write about how the comic book industry and the comic book art form have been pioneered, shaped, and lead by Jews and discuss that in pioneering, shaping, and leading, many comic books have been infused with a long history of Jewish stories, themes, and imagery.  And I still want to share these things with you and will because it is fascinating!  But as I attempted to blog I found that I am not great at staying on one topic. So now this is a more general comic book blog!  I will write about, well, comics…literally anything I can fit under that umbrella; art, writing, themes, etc.  I am very excited to have a place to talk about my favorite thing in the world and the freedom to ramble!  And, in the immortal words of Stan Lee:  ‘Nuff said!


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  1. Awesome Blog! Thanks for sharing!

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